Dark Night of the Soul

My fleeing soul is panic-stricken

In the darkness of the night

Fused to a life of intimidating fear

Not understanding the whys and what ifs

Of all that has occurred

Life, life, life rolling in one

Asymmetrical line of self-doubt and uncertainty

Wondering the marvels of heavens above

What is the purpose of this life?

Hurt and comfort merged together

Wounded I stumble to the cross

Where the soothing crème

Heals the deep assaults of pain

On my bitter soul of grief

Curled up like a tiny fetus

On my bed

I rock back and forth

Silently crying for all that

Could have been but

Isn’t to be.

My soul in the darkness of the night

Knows not of all that has occurred

But as dawn rises

The assault of pain, panic diminishes once more

And I am set free by the power of the cross

My savior has come once more for me

And showered His love upon me

Immeasurably more

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