Unwelcome Migraine

Sleep abruptly disturbed with the

Pounding of hammering nails into

My skull. Oh no. Not another migraine.


Poumding. Pounding. Pounding.

Then an eruption of needless pain

Precious sleep stolen from

Satan’s war on my brain


The pounding. The explosion of pain

Unexplainable depth of anguish

Knife wedged deeply into my skull

Even a white pill cannot save you

From the savage attack against

Your brain.


And all i want to do is sink into

The comforts of my bed but the

Explosion of pain allows me not to.

I wither in uncomfortable pain


Darkness is welcome

Light isn’t. Light hurts my eyes.

Hurts my brain.

A noiseless room is what i need

If noise comes i can feel it

Bouncing against my skull

And oh it hurts so much.


I grab desperately at my head trying

To massage the pain out.

Knife wedged deep into the flesh of my

Brain as i wither helplessly against

The pain in knee deep shame.


Help me Lord to fight this atrack

I can’t fight it on my own

I have no strength

I am weak from pain

So i fall into a deep slumber

Trying to ignore the

Erupting pain inside my head.




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