Winter Darkness

Underneath the canopy of heavy snow clouds

Winter crystals hang like cement on fragile branches

Pointing across simple empty roads


My winter woe has started as the sun mourns

Behind the banner of winter haze

While people hurriedly walk home

Before the cold seeps under their skin


Loneliness befalls this world of darkness

The searing night prevails over light

Long winter days ensue

Black birds fly against the

Backdrop of the dimming day


The wind howls like a lost spirit

Searching for another lost soul

I watch through the window

On my little sofa the snowflakes

Falling down with a gentle whisper

Marveling at the miracle of life

Which God created

And gifted us to see


Leaves flutter down underneath

The fierce Arctic breeze

Branches forming pillars of ice

As winter darkness arrives

Once more on our doorstep

Of twilight gloom


Long ago the winter cold was a

Welcoming sight to my broken soul

Now it is just the coldness of frost

That stings my heart bare

Wishing for the delicacy of spring hue

To warm my heart


Winter darkness despair not

For winter can be a season of light

Let the light of God in

And may you dwell in the shelter

Of His wings forevermore

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