Daughter of a King

Galatians 1.10

Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.

Sometimes my mind commands me to please people

My mind searches for approval

Of those people closest to me

Like my family, friends, co-workers..

But do I need their approval

To live my life?


Ultimately the question is

Am I seeking approval

From my family, friends, co-workers

Here on earth?

Or am I seeking approval from the King of Kings?

My God, my Saviour

Whom I want to serve all my days.


I am the daughter of the King

In Him I search for approval

I seek out His approval

I let Him guide me

On the path that He

Wants me to take.


But my flesh does otherwise

It demands me to

Deviate from my chosen path

In life

It comes to haunt me

From behind and in front

It tries to flirt with

My solid rock

I built in Christ

But it fails miserably


Sometimes it succeeds


Christ reminds me

My roots are firmly

Lodged in the soil

Of light

Not in darkness

Where Satan wants me to be


I want to be a servant of God

I do not want my carnal ways

To rule me

To escort me

Onto the unrighteous path

Of deep darkness

Into the thick weeds

Of misbelief


I want to live in the


In the presence of God.

I want to live by God’s truths

Alone, alone, alone.


I want to be in his dwelling place

Where I am safe

Where I am loved

Where I am cared for

Where I am Hannah

And simply Hannah

And don’t have to pretend to

Be someone I am not


I am the daughter of the King

Who wants to challenge me on that?

Satan dares not

Approach me

For Jesus is by my side

24 hours 7

And I will

Serve him all

Of my days!



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