Night Terror

Haunted by fear



My body twitches violently

I let out a silent scream


Falling water cascading

Down my frightened face

Battling constantly

Against nights of deep unrest


Tired of fighting

Oh so very tired of fighting


I don’t feel safe


I lie there wondering

How much longer?

How many more nightmares?

To steal my sweet rest?


I am oh so very tired

Of battling these nightmares

I want to give up

And sink into

Death’s welcoming arms

No! Fight the good fight

Only I don’t know how


Help me please!

I am so very tired

Of waking 3 to 4 times

A night from the terror

That creeps around my mind


I want to feel safe

I don’t want to be afraid

Please help me

I don’t want to fight the

Demons alone anymore..

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