Baby Loss/Infant Loss Awareness Week

Baby Loss and Infant loss this month.  But this week it’s a BIG focus around the world.

For those who have lost children please don’t make the same mistake as I have by not mentioning my precious children Micheline, Elouise and Sebastian or talking about them to anyone.

Let people know you need and want to talk about your loss and about their lives.  Their beautiful sweet but short lives.  It isn’t a loss though is it, but it is a life changing, devastating event that happened to you.  You didn’t lose your cat or purse…

I had hoped by now in this day and age that things in maternity care would have changed.  So many petitions have been started but only little progress has been made.

The sad part of all of this is that in countries such as in Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and I am sure many more, a child still born at the end of pregnancy does not get a birth certificate and is not entitled to a name.  This child floats away into an empty void. This is devastating for parents.  I remember in my own case when Sebastian died and was born 4 days after his death – he was not eligible for a name.  It broke my heart because to the world he never existed. To the world he was not a person, and yet he was a person.  And yet his life did have meaning..

Also a parent should be entitled to make the decision to see their stillborn child.  This should not be taken out of their hands.  These parents including myself are left to wonder what our babies looked like. In my eyes my child would have looked perfect to me. Handsome. But the decision was taken out of my hands.  More awareness needs to be done in Slovakia for better care after a woman has given birth to a stillborn baby.  More empathy is needed.  More care, and more concern should be shown.

Maybe we can make a difference and this taboo stops once and for all.

Light with me a candle on 15th October 2016 at 7pm wherever you are in the world so that we may remember the babies and infants gone too soon.

Thinking of you all and your precious babies and sending you hugs and gentleness.

2 thoughts on “Baby Loss/Infant Loss Awareness Week

  1. You made me cry. You described it so beautifully. I lost my baby on an early stage of pregnancy but I still miss him. I am blessed with a little girl now and she is my world but I will never forget the one I lost. I am with you. The candle will be lit in LOndon where I am

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