Hope Glimmers

“Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart.” ― José N. Harris

Trials and tribulation come and go like the tide yet hope never leaves. Even in the darkest moments of our life, hope is still there. Breathing life into us. Breathing for us to continue even when you feel that your world is collapsing around you. You want to quit but you keep going. You keep putting one foot in front of the other. Because it’s the people around you who lift you out of the pit of despair and remind you to press forward.

God breathes life into us. He does not abandon or forsake us. He does not give us what we cannot cope with. In the times of deep turmoil God is teaching us something. I know now what He is teaching us. He is teaching us to be dependent on Him and not relying on others for our happiness, not depending on others. Sometimes it is easier to depend on others because they are physically there. But I must remember to depend on God no matter the circumstances. Keep trusting, keep believing. I can. I must. I will.

I used to never cry. I wouldn’t allow myself to cry. Not until I met Lee. Then when I met Lee the tears flowed freely.  He taught me how to cry. He showed me how to cry freely for what was lost, but also for others who are hurting. I learned that crying is a cleansing process. It heals but it does not mend what is broken. Only God can mend what is broken. Only God can change stubborn hearts. Only God can change my heart.

And so today I focus on the task before me with a glimmer of hope I press forward. Trusting that new horizons await me. Waiting patiently. But learning to never give up on hope, to never give up on love. Never to give up on what God has given. I wait for healing to come. I wait for God to change what needs to be changed within me. I need to be willing. God needs to soften my heart in areas that I am not aware of. But He will in His time.

Without hope we have nothing.

2 thoughts on “Hope Glimmers

  1. Lamentation 3
    The Lord’s unfailing love and mercy still continue,
    Fresh as the morning as sure as the sunrise.
    The Lord is all I have.
    And so I put my HOPE IN HIM!
    Bless you and lol


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