Silence becomes my new best friend
God give me the grace to speak only when you tell me to speak
So much to say, yet now is not the time
Only time to reflect, and to praise God for His goodness
For his abundant miracles
For laughter, for joy, for the trials and tribulations of life
For the lessons learnt in moments of deep challenges

So much pent up pain pressing down on my soul
How do I let go? How do I surrender it all?
How do I lay it down at the foot of the cross?
I know not how, I feel helpless
Let not the bitter root of pain bind me
Let not the angry root of pain bind me
Let me surrender my all to my Lord and Savior

Teach me how to forgive Lord
Teach me how to let go
Teach me how to be still in your presence

My eyes follow the sound of water
Lingering on God’s creation
The sound of a rushing waterfall bringing peace
To my weary soul, reminding me to be still before the Lord
To stare up to Him in awesome wonder
And give thanks for all that He has done
Give thanks for answered prayers
The Lord has been indeed good.

One thought on “Silence

  1. It’s tough. But in God’s strength forgiveness, healing of the old scars, and forgetting are all miraculously possible. The fact that you are willing and ready to start the process is a miracle in itself.
    Praising God with you!


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