New Beginnings – Day 5

Psalm 116.1-2 – I love You, Lord, for You heard my voice; You heard my cry for  mercy. Because You turned Your ear to me, I will call on You as long as I live. 

Why is it so easy to fall back on old habits? Why is it so easy to forget to pray, to forget to surrender your life to the Lord on a daily basis – only for you to struggle with so many unnecessary insecurities. A hard lesson learned. I have found that if I don’t pray daily or as soon as I wake up that I am liable to standing on the devil’s lies rather than on the promises of the Lord. Why should it be easier to believe in the devil’s lies than on the promises of God? What is stopping us from living our lives fully for the glory of God’s kingdom?

After some reflection it is my insecurities that are a huge stumbling block in my life. If I don’t surrender them on a daily basis to the Lord, they will automatically cause me to stumble and cause friction to those that love me and are closest to me. I need to learn to surrender my insecurities and live in the freedom of God’s love rather than letting the past, the anxieties of day-to-day living and the insecurities to make me stumble. I need to learn  to let go and be free. Drawing on the source of life which is God. Learning to lean on God’s word and promises and not to be afraid.

The previous days I did not pray in the morning first. Maybe I felt like I was invincible. But I realize more and more that the source to life is God. That prayer is my life-line. That God is the source to where freedom is found. I need to let go of my baggage. I need to face each day as a new day, new beginning rather than letting the past influence how I go about my day-to-day activities. They have no right to cloud how life is to be lived.  It is a learning curve dear friends. Not always an easy one. But one that will lead me onto the straight and narrow path. The more I rely on God, the more freedom I will experience and the more I will be able to love freely. The more I will be able to do for the glory of God’s kingdom.

Where does your source of strength come from? Does it come from within yourself or do you rely on God to show you the way? Dear readers, I ask you to trust the Lord with all of your heart, to surrender every aspect of your life to him, for in doing so great rewards will be given. When you don’t surrender, you trap yourself. You become a prisoner to yourself and this is not good. God wants you to live in freedom and in the knowledge that He loves us no matter what condition you find yourself in.

Surrender. Surrender. Surrender. That is all I know to do is surrender.


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