I have phases of restless nights. The past week has been like that. Sometimes my ADHD gets in the way of sleep. My mind whirring at 100 miles per hour unable to switch off. Head aching…. Because sleep comes as it pleases and some nights I get but a handful of five hours sleep. Sometimes less… Sleep must come. 

But despite the lack of sleep I have peace, I feel oddly joyful, and looking forward to the new year with new challenges. Ha!

This year has had its challenges but I’ve grown by the grace of God. Met amazing and wonderful people. And my challenges have not made me give up on life but rather I fought through each one bravely..

Thank you God for your grace upon my life. Love you Father God. Could not have done it without you by my side.

One thought on “Phases

  1. On the whole, it sounds really good.

    I, too, get restless nights. Some nights I go to bed and, despite having a sensibly timed more-or-less fixed bedtime and routine, etc, realise that this is going to be one of those nights. So after an hour or so I get up, go downstairs and either do the crossword in the paper or catch up on the computer. Then return to bed and finally sleep. It’s usually about one or two nights per week. Saturday was one such night.

    Here’s hoping Tracey (Pastor) didn’t clock me almost nodding off at times in her otherwise good sermon! Last night I slept. Think I might ‘need’ another cup of coffee this morning though, and that’s on top of three cups of tea!

    Meanwhile I came across Psalm 27:1, 13+14 this morning. Which is what I’ve found and you’ve just said.



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