Life’s Grace

Life as it is in its fullest form
Is bubbles that pop and pop
They burst – life overflows abundantly
Sometimes painfully
Sometimes joyfully
Sometimes a mixture of powerful emotions
Shower down on us

Shying away from the ultimate source of reassurance
The fear of thinking He is not for us
The reality: He is for us
Downpour of rain pours blessings
God helps – just ask
God come.

He embraces us in the middle of our storm
When we feel like we are falling
Falling backwards into the hands of despair

God holds and guides
And nourishes us
Through song and scripture
Through people

You are not alone my beloved child
You are loved
You are valued
Be still and be at peace

I dance, I praise, I thank God
For another day of life.
This is today.

3 thoughts on “Life’s Grace

  1. This poem tells me why God has a ministry call on your life.. struggle, struggle and more struggle, followed by resolution and peace.. with God’s gracious help in the midst of and through the raging storm.


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