Let Me Fade Away

Let me fade away
Into a timeless time
Where pain exists no more
Where joy abounds
With love winning every
Battle triumphantly

Let me fade away
I do not belong here or there
I am nobody’s daughter
I am part of the wave
Part of the sea.
Part of the broken twisted branch

I am a wounded heart
My scars running deep into the
Endless seams of rolling hills
Where anguish screams
Bitter tears of painful memories
Colliding with one another
Death knocks on my door
Whispering sweet lullabies

Darkness and light battle
Life wins slowly
Love’s face appears before me
Come be still
And know that I am God
Be still beloved Hannah
Be still my precious child
Be at peace
I am here. I did not abandon you
You are safe.
You are loved.

Let me fade away
Where pain exists no more
Let me fade away
Into the seams of rolling hills
Let me go
Release me from my shattered house
Of broken debris
Let me fade away into dust

This would be easier
Than walking through miles of
Despairing debris
Let me fade away
I will burden you no more

2 thoughts on “Let Me Fade Away

  1. The paradox of turmoil in our lives is this: it eventually equips us to help others. It is hard for you to believe right now but when you are through this rough patch (and it is just a rough patch brought on by the walk back through your dysfunctional abusive past) you will help and inspire others, as you have helped and inspired me. You have a unique gift with words (and poetry in particular) and I can’t think of any reason God would give you this gift unless His purpose was for your to use your gift for His glory. Hallelujah.


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