The Whispers of a Bad Day

On a bad day doubt comes in and weasels its way into me
And I question my mere existence before God
What is the point in all of this if only ridicule and loneliness come before me
When isolation stretches before me on the great desert plain of drought

I pray to my Lord, please give me strength, grace to face the day
Sometimes it appears to work, other days it seems like my prayers
Fall on deaf ears… stress and tension my constant companion
They taunt me day and night. Some days I come above the mockery
Of the unwelcome remarks. Other days I succumb to its sneering

A gentle word floats towards me
Don’t let a bad day whisper, say destructive things in your ears
Face God, point your eyes towards the cross, and be still before me
Your fight is my fight, I will not abandon you nor forsake you

The realisation of being alone and lonely is a battle in its own right
Constantly making  me question: is there something wrong with me?
Why does no-one like me? Who am? Am I a failure?
And the voice of reason says nonsense my beloved child
You are a much loved child, there’s nothing wrong with you
And you are certainly no failure

Life is a constant tug of war
Trying to stay afloat aboard a sinking boat
As I try to make sense of who I am
In Christ


One thought on “The Whispers of a Bad Day

  1. At risk of being seen to be ‘slapping some Scripture on it’, which I’m not . . .

    John 3:16 & 17. You HAVE a great value. God values you so much, loves you so much, that He planned from Eternity to send Jesus to die for you. Just for _you_ if necessary.

    Hang in there, Hannah! Keep shovelling in the Truth. It _will_ stick, eventually.


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