Trust Muscles

A walk of faith is not a painless journey
It is a strenuous walk in the mountains
Of muddied terrain – walking blindly
On the path God has set before me
One step forward, five steps back
Rewarding it becomes

I can do all things through Christ
Who strengthens me
I shall not grow weary
I will lie still in quiet pastures
Surrendering my struggles
At the foot of the cross

Onwards I press to the goal
Not in this world but of this world
God tests my endurance
He’s building trust muscles
As I place myself firmly
Into his hands of love and grace

I say Lord:
Mould me the way you want
Let your will be done
Not my will
I surrender myself to you
For your ways are better
Than my ways
Lead me through the tunnel
Of endurance

I lose my life but
God is gained
Dependent I become
On my saviour

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