Girl of Wardrobe Secrets

I wrote this poem when I was 15 for an English poetry competition across different English speaking schools in Eastern Europe. I remember getting first place for this piece. Though I have no idea why! I can see that my writing has developed and matured over the years… Thanks Grandad for keeping all or almost all of my poems in your Hannah file at home!

Trump it up, Girl of Nature!
Hide no more behind the
wardrobe of fearful secrets:
permit the shine of your
deathly oval.

You are a moon with love-
you are not a forest:
of hatred.
Shine lightens a figure
full of fear
through dapples of autumn;
over the mountain tops.
Simper a cuddle
with the ocean vision.
You fear not the
outsides of your:
rigid walls.

Tread vigilant out into the fields-
Smell the freshness of love.
Fear not Girl of Nature!
Hide no more,
simper a cuddle to the river flow.

No more horrid secrets-
a curve forms your mouth
with mirth:
and you are free of secrets
in the wardrobe.

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