Diary: Day 14 – A Walk on Water

Philippians 4.6-7 – Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Bye-bye Dublin, hello Torquay. Today is D-Day. I am leaving. All doors have shut in Dublin – except for one. Established contact for a possible future ministry event. I think:

What will become of me
My whole life has been shadowed and shaped
What will become of me
My whole life has been shadowed and shaped
By the pain of my youth
(from the Jules Riding song Wounded Spirit)

I am leaving today. I am taking a step of faith into the complete unknown. I am going somewhere I know no-one, except I know God is with me.   But then I didn’t know anyone in Dublin either, for part of it I wasn’t alone. Then towards the end of it I was alone. To establish yourself somewhere it is easier when you have someone alongside you, especially Dublin which is a harsh commercial hub. Like Berlin. Except Berlin was a blessing for me. I stayed with a lovely couple who took me in as their own daughter, and that helped make my time in Berlin actually enjoyable (well some of it).

Now, I am off for my next adventure. We’ll see what the Lord has in store for me. I trust he will guide me every step of the way because I sure can’t do this on my own.  It’s exhausting trying to figure out all the details. I have made a conscious decision to let God do the thinking for me, while I try and relax and believe for a good outcome.

I have to let go of the anxieties, and let God take over. Please keep me in your prayers. The burdens you are facing, issues you are facing, give it to Jesus. Focus your eyes on Jesus, let your life be in the shape of a cross. But don’t let your burdens of the past be the cross that you have to bare. Jesus died so that we could be free. Forgive, if you need to forgive. Let go, if you need to let go. Let God come in and do what he will. A final thought:

What has become of me
My whole life has been
Shadowed and shaped..
What has become of me
My whole life now shadowed and shaped..
In the shape of a cross..
(from Jules Riding song Wounded Spirit)

2 thoughts on “Diary: Day 14 – A Walk on Water

  1. Dear Hannah,

    Did you enjoy your trip? Torquay is a nice place, though plagued/blessed by being Tourist Country – mainly Seasonal (and low paid) jobs, etc.

    We used to holiday there as a family when I was young, for several years. I have good memories of the place. May you have good memories of the place too.

    Recommend Upton Vale Baptist Church. I know it’s one of The places, but we went there last October (the weekend of Hurricane Brian) and were made to feel very welcome. They have a lot going on (and are probably looking for people to help them do it!) Other places of worship are available but I speak of what I know.

    God bless you in your following Him. We are supposed to be travellers here anyhow (writes she who’s lived in the same place the past 37 years!) Home, fully settled Home, is Heaven. Meanwhile anywhere we are with God here is Home, and God is everywhere. But I pray that you’ll find a place you can put down some roots.





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