Heavy Angst

When troubles come my soul is burdened with heavy angst
My heart burdens me and constricts me as I try and sit still
Seeking your peace, but peace will not come
Instead the raging fiery fear gripes me into a silent scream

Troubled with a multitude of uncertainties
I sit and stare, lost in a world of angst
I pray. I write. I seek your face.
Just to hear your voice.
But your voice is silent.

Guide me please Father God.
With your love and strength
Please provide a way –
Show me the way to my future.
Heal all that angst inside of me.

Help me to serve you,
Help me to be whole in you
Help me to be at peace
I pray but no peace comes
Only questions marks are printed
In the sky. Endless question marks
of uncertainty and I wonder
How much more can I fight this?

Be my strength Father.
I need you. I am broken
And I am afraid.
I need your strength
For in my weakness you will
Make me strong.

Help me Father.
Hear my prayer.


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