Hope Unseen

Life is a series of adventures
Rotating like the seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn
Sometimes our souls grapple with the thick cold winter snow
Running on a treadmill of endless:
What if, what if, what if….
Nowhere to turn, nowhere to hide
Questioning: what is the purpose of this life?

Spring slowly emerges out of the thick fog of woollen snow
Dusk leaves behind stains
Never really disappears behind spring
Though a hop and a bounce comes in our step,
Light steadily fills the dark holes
Inside our weary soul of lost hope

Winter sits smugly looking on, knowing, thinking –
Just wait till the next jolt of lighting blinds your path
And you plunge deep into another eventide
Winter holds our hand, reminding of its prideful place of honour

I wonder through the maze of forests beside still waters
And question life’s endless mysteries
Questions that come and go, though unanswered
What is the purpose of all these trials and tribulations?

Father whispers softly in my ear:
Endless lessons Hannah,
Tune into what you learn
Don’t be afraid of the hurts
Embrace the hurts my child
Learn, learn, learn
Summer comes, autumn blows colourful leaves askew
Winter barges in, Spring lightly knocks down walls of pessimism

And Father says:
Hannah, my child, peace will never leave your side.
Only you have to turn your eyes towards me
I’ll catch your hand
And walk the seasons with you.
Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.



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