Dear Life-Partner (4) Will You Love Me?

Dear Life-Partner,

When there is love, does it matter what age we are?  What the age gap is? Or does it not matter?  I believe love is boundless.  It can happen to anyone, anywhere. All the time.  I often wonder why people place so much emphasis on age gaps.  The world is full of criticism and judgement.

If there is love in life, and someone is willing to fight your every fight and be there every time you are down, happy, whatever mood you are in than that person is worthy of your time.  Love is when that person wants the best for you.  Surely this is worth fighting for? Love should not have boundaries when it comes to age, but it needs to have respect and it needs to be selfless.

Love for each other should be selfless.  We should respect each other.  We should understand each other, and we should want the best for each other.  Love is when we support and encourage each other in the best way possible.  This is what makes love so beautiful.

Love is when you can discuss with your partner anything and not feel judged but have the assurance that they love you no matter what even if you make a mistake.  That is true love.  When it doesn’t become conditional but becomes unconditional. When you don’t expect something in return, when you just want that person to be blessed.

Love is when you support someone and show them there is a light when everything seems so dark and bleak.  Love brings hope. It brings joy.  It brings peace.  It is self-sacrificing.

Love is when we extend grace to each other and forgive each other when we have done wrong.  When we point the errors of our ways gently, not harshly, and continue to show that person’s positive attributes.

Love is when God is at the centre of our relationship.  It is when we share over breakfast prayer and bible time together, and talk the day through and discuss any issues we have and present them before the Lord.  It is when we serve the Lord together, and want to minister together for the glory of God’s kingdom.

This is what would make our love beautiful and special. Without your wisdom, your grace, your guidance, I would not be able to be the person that God wants me to be.  If you were to love me, you would have to accept me for who I am.  you would have to know that God has got a call on my life, He’s called me to full-time ministry.  You would either have to be willing to support me, or want to serve alongside me.

I will need your love when I go through rough patches, and I will need your guidance when I am blinded by darkness.  But it will be your encouragement that will help me to focus on the cross, on God’s love.

Love is grace. Love is blind.  Can you love me?

Yours truly,



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