Fleeting Moments

The good moments in life seem to be just fleeting.  Like a butterfly passing by in the sky.  Only I have to remind myself of all the good moments in life.  Of all the gifts and blessings that the good Lord gives me on a day to day basis.  But how do you let go of what has been so dear to you?  How do you let go?  How do you let go?  How do you put one foot in front of the next foot?  How do you keep breathing when you feel like your insides are being ripped out?  Like you’re being rejected? Abandoned?  Yet you know you are not being abandoned, and rejected, but that it is what it is, and has to be the way it is.  Because it is ultimately the best for you?

All I can say is that I have to trust the Lord, and I know that the Lord will see me through this. But what is the point?  What is the purpose of all of this? How do you keep smiling through the tears?

The good moments are but fleeting like a butterfly passing by in the sky.  I can’t say no-more. I don’t know what to say.  How to keep moving forward.  How to keep fighting.  I just want to sink but I know I have to crawl forward.  So, crawl I will..

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