Migraine Assault

One-sided pain.  Ear ache.  Blindness, numb tingling feelings all over body. As if a sword has sunk deep into the flesh in the center of my brain.  Spinning, spinning, spinning.  Eyes shut to the onslaught of seemingly intense light.  Ears close to the painful mumble of voices around me.  Sinking. Drowning. Fighting.  Battling. A war is raging inside my brain against the quagmire of emotions flowing in and out.

Tension, weather pressure, stress, lack of sleep, type of food all contribute to the migraine assault on my brain.. I cannot take it anymore.  The pain, the intense assault of pain.  I sink into my cushions of restless sleep as I groan in agony.  Not another migraine at my door-step.  Help me please!  I can’t fight this on my own anymore.  I welcome sleep – it is an escape..  Falling into a restless slumber of dreams that take me  on adventures of its own.

Lacking the energy to fight through the debris of my shattered past, into a present and future of hope.  Lord help me to fight this battle.  Help me to hear you amidst the raging storm in my brain.

Death seems to be a welcome escape from the assault of pain on my brain.  As I feel my brain constricting, and expanding, pounding against my head.  The pain is there. The pain drowns me into a pit of despair, where I fall into the nest of unwelcome negativity, with a haunting past dragging me as I helplessly stumble behind.  Battling this battle on my own.  Demonic attacks.  This is the end.

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