Daily Time with God

Before Sebastian-David died, I read the Bible perhaps two or three times per week. Afterwards, I started reading the Bible daily, particularly when I started the second year of my grief journey. I also started doing Bible studies to deal with the negative emotions inside me. I made it a priority in my life. I noticed a clear difference – if I didn’t read the Bible or have my quiet time with God, then the day would go pear-shaped. If I did read the Bible and spend a large chunk of my time walking to work in prayer, I found the day would go better, and I wouldn’t have this fear lurking underneath my skin, simply because I knew Jesus was with me.

I downloaded The NIV 365-Day Devotional Reading Plan. Truthfully, in the beginning I found it a burden to read it daily. But as the days progressed and turned into a month, I found myself seeking to read the Bible more and more and deviating from the plan. I was hungry for God’s Word and noticed a significant spiritual growth. With this growth came healing. God was speaking to my broken heart, and slowly binding up my wounds. What a miracle!

In a notebook, I would like to challenge you to write one Bible verse that speaks to you every day. I mean every day. You will notice that God will speak to you every day if you ask Him. The key to hearing God’s voice is being open to hear His spoken Word. Do you want to hear God’s voice? Then let Him speak to your heart. Don’t avoid it.

I cannot stress enough how this simple action can save your life, grow your faith and bless us beyond measure. The God of the universe can speak to a broken wretch like me every day, and encourage and build me up every single day of my life. How amazing! I didn’t think I deserved to be loved by God.

Why would I not have daily quiet time with God? A lot of the time we are just plain lazy. It is a battle between our flesh and our soul. Beware the enemy of your soul lurking behind the walls, trying to lure you from the righteous path. Remember this one simple thing: a daily shot of God’s Word is a good antidote for our dominant sinful nature, better than caffeine.

This is a short excerpt from my book ‘SEBBY – Son of Hope’, to be published April 2017. 



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