Today i feel like a broken woman.. All day i have had flashes of my failures over the years. But mainly failure to keep my son safe in the womb.. Failure at being a good mama for my son…  Yet this is what the enemy wants me to believe. I am NOT a failure nor am i a disappointment. But i feel torn apart.  Like the goal i set after my son died nearly 2.5 years ago and i didn’t achieve it just yet. I am so afraid. But i know the only way forward is to trust the Lord… His feet pave the way and mine follow.  The issue is we shouldn’t turn something small into a giant. Its what the enemy wants. The Lord wants us to put our trust in him. I will put my trust in the Lord and focus on all the blessings in my life. I am a successful woman even if the enemy wants me to believe otherwise. I know I can achieve things and I know the Lord goes before me. The Lord is in control.

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