Gift of Life

I lived a life of sin, one wintry day

Many a year ago, Els showed me

The door to the narrow road of life

Saved by Jesus my saviour

Humbled by his grace and love

For a sinner like me


Hope He gave me as i learned to

Cling onto him, when weak i was

Christ strengthened me, my rock

My stronghold in times of

Deep inner turmoil

Where wars rage within

Like wildfires hurling across

The empty ravenged fields


Humbled by God’s gift of life

Atonment of my sin..

Saved i am

As i bring my sin

To the foot of the cross


I am a woman enslaved by sin

Trying to live a life by grace

Jesus died for my sin

Will i live my life for him?


Jesus offered us the gift of life:

Hope, love, peace, light..

Will i turn and walk away

Or will i continue to cross

The straight and narrow?


Jesus is my saviour, lost for words i am

He is my hero and in Him i place my trust

And i will carry my cross..

And proclaim the gospel

Across all nations


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