Hug Him Once for Me

I asked you Lord, you answered me oh Lord

A little one You gave.

The hardest part I never knew

was the little one you would take.


I trust you Lord

though my heart is broken

Longing just to hold

my little one

like all the other mothers do


But Lord I trust you now.

Jesus I was wondering if you

could hug him once for me

hold him real close

let him sit upon your knee


Tell him all the things that we

would teach him about you

Tell him that you love him

and that we love himtoo.


Jesus I ask you to hug him

for me in the meantime

till you call me home.


Oh God, I just miss my little one

so much.

Maybe one day I will understand

why he was taken so soon.


Hug him once for me

Hold him real close

Sit him upon your knee.


Whisper in my ear

one more simple truth

tell me that he loves you

and that he loves me too.


… And Lord, I love you too.

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