Secret Place

My heart is like a palace, one day I let my Saviour in.

There were many quarters where we would

Visit now and then


One day we approached a door that was

Firmly shut even to me

A place where I never wanted to venture

Where the pains of a forgotten past

Would flood from the ground and…

I would collapse on the crushed terrain

In shame at the knee deep sin of my life


One day Jesus looked at me with tears of love

On his face, and handed me the key

And whispered to me:

‘let us go into your secret place’

And let me cleanse you from the inside out


I said Jesus I am not ready to go into that place

A place of deep hurt and shame

A place where all the hurts of the past

Would bubble up to the surface

Like an erupting volcano.


Jesus said if you don’t trust me

How will you ever become whole again?

How will you ever heal?

Let me go into your secret place

And love you the way you need to be loved


So I opened up that door

And the two of us walked in

Jesus held my hand

Comforted me as

I was filled with guilt and shame


But when I think of that room now

I am not afraid anymore

Cause I know my hidden sin

And I now know that my hidden sin

No longer hides behind that door

Instead I have been cleansed from the inside out

By the power of my Saviour’s love


My Saviour looks at me with tears of love

On his face and smiles

And says you have been forgiven

You have been set free.


There was a place once in my heart

Where I dare not venture,

But now I venture and face the

Strongholds of my life

With the help of Jesus by my side.


Is there a place in your heart where

Even you won’t go?


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