Permanent Headache

Permanent headahce.  It’s been a week since the ‘headache’ started.  At first it was a nasty migraine.  And now it’s just a permanent headache gnawing at my head.  My head in turn is ready to explode.  Its like this constant drum roll in my head. Beating against my skull. Kaboom kaboom kaboom.  Non-stop.  Making me feel physically sick, exhausted, and NEGATIVE MOOD comes along side it. God, I just want this headache to go away!  I can’t cope with it anymore.  I was so grateful when I didn’t have a headache since mid-September.  But now the dreaded headaches are back.  Knife stuck in my skull, carving its way deep into my brain. Dragging me right under.  Help me Lord to get rid of this headache.  Help me to be still in your presence.  Help me to feel your love seep through my body.  No more headaches please! No more stress please! The enemy has no place in my life! Only you Lord will I worship and praise all of my days.  Release me oh Lord from the grip of the enemy.  Release me from this headache please. I pray. Forgive me Lord for all my negative thoughts.  I will work harder on replacing this negativity with your truths.  Forgive me Lord.  I love you Lord.  I long to sit in your presence all of my days. Amen.

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