To the Cross I cling

Saved by Your grace I am

Broken I come to You

Mercy You have upon me

To the cross I cling

As the storms of life rage

Through the depths of

My sagging soul


I come to you with

My soiled rags, Oh God,

I beg for you to

Take away all my transgressions.

Not a day goes by

With my offenses

And yet you love me;

Forgiven me

77 x 7


Oh my God, you are my God

I seek your presence

I seek your holy ways

As I look upon your

Tender face

And I know your way

Is the only way.


I plead to you oh God

To take away the

Spirit of rejection

Spirit of abandonment

In my shattered soul.

And somehow

Through my mournful cry

You have accepted me

You have not forsaken me.

And you whisper:

I am your child

And I am safe

All is well


To the cross I cling

This is where death occurred

This is where I found new life

Mercy was found

Love was given freely

And I shall dwell all my days

In the shelter of your wings

Hallelujah Lord.  Hallelujah

I am yours.

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