Golden Angel Hairs Worship

Golden angel hair arches

Loosely across the

Rolling carpets of supple land

As little sticks dance with the

Soft breeze of cool summer’s wind

All the while birds of the sky

Sing songs of praises to

Our heavenly Father


Depth beyond depth

Seen in the different

shades of gold

between the angel hairs

Riddles are noticed with God’s

inexplicable love

that beckons

Golden angel hairs to stand tall

To attention

To Bow down

In total adoration

For our savior


Humbly angel hairs will

Serve the living God

And glorify his name

All their days long!


Glory to our King

Glory to our heavenly father

Praise the Lord for his

Grace and Mercy upon our lives

Glory to God for

The peace that flows

Through our stems


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