Teasing Grief

Waves in and out crashing against the hardened shell

of a woman lost in a world between cheer and grief

toying with her emotions like the wind plays with her hair

the glimmer of tears hammering briefly behind her eyes

as if ready to let the gushing waterfall of deep woe flow out

into the endless rivers filled with droplets

of a forgotten past.


Oh my child, where has time gone to?

Teasing grief always sitting stifling a giggle

behind its hand, ready to lure me into

the dark pond of grief, where familiar shapes

fill my mind, reminders are strewn across

haplessly as I cling onto a twig

only for it nearly ready to collapse under pressure

of the forceful river that carries

my every emotion into the rolling

carpets of a time gone by.


Oh my child, oh my child

thousands upon thousands of tears were shed

for you, still thousands upon thousands of tears

await to spill, forgive me lord

for my weakness, my fragile state of mind

how I wish upon a star and wish I could

have held you…

except you are safe now.

safe in the arms of Jesus

whilst teasing grief sits on my shoulder

toying with my fragile emotions

should I weep?  should I not weep?


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