Sebby’s Song

My friend Jules Riding wrote this song for my son, and I wanted to share it with you.  It has moved me to tears no end.  Its for mothers who have lost children/babies…. Please let me know what you think. We would appreciate your opinion.


7 thoughts on “Sebby’s Song

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    With 10 days to go before my son’s second birthday, I am reflecting how life has changed since his death. I am anxious about how I will celebrate his life. How do you celebrate someone’s life that has been gone longer then he was with you? How do you carry on with the pain in your heart? How much I have achieved or not achieved. How many waves I have been on. Crashing. Clinging on. Learning to move forward whilst not forgetting him. To balance the two is a very difficult thing. The song helps sooth the warring emotions inside my broken heart. Yes, I miss my sweet darling boy, and I wish he was here. But i guess if he didn’t die, the blog would not have been birthed, and I would not be helping or impacting other people’s lives. I hope I am helping others through my words, through my story, through my faith. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of this song!
    Once again thanks Jules Riding for writing the music for the words. Lyrics by me 🙂


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  3. Hannah, my dear friend, thank you for the song. I heard it once but this time being all alone it touched me very deeply.
    Moms who experienced your kind of pain will be só comforted.

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