My Elouise


For my precious little daugther:

Though at times it is a distant memory,
the clear silver lining clearly floats away into the far away distance
marking a path across the climbing steeping mountains and rolling hills,
with wind swirling around my body – a big lump of reddish brown;
my body, who has been disloyal, to this tiny embryo in my womb.
Oh my dear Elouise, you were already formed by big hands
and yet my disloyal body betrayed your precious spirit.
Elegant and frail you were,
Loved you were from inside this womb;
Oh God why is this happening again?
Until one day we meet again,
In a heavenly place.
Still my child, be still my precious child.
Eloping into a timeless time, waiting…
Still in my dreams, your tiny soft hands curl
around my tender-like hands.
So precious was your little spirit to me
dressed in a tiny little dress, smiling with those
big blue green olive eyes
Oh you were so precious, and still are.
Alone in my heart you will lay,
be still my precious Elouise, be still.

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