Butterfly Kisses from Heavens Gates

Happy 4th Birthday Elouise! Kisses to the stars. Mummy loves and misses you soo much……

For as long as I can remember

I wanted to be your mummy

I dreamed of:

Loving you

Holding you

Kissing your little cheeks

Watching you grow

Dressing you in your little dresses

Watching you play

Watching you go to

School on your first day

Watching the stars with you

And so much more


But somehow somewhere

Along the way

God decided to take you home.

He took your hand

And led you to the skies

Where you remain in His Presence.

God’s loving presence.

You are safe now.

You are loved.


Elouise, my precious girl

Butterfly kisses you sent

from heaven’s gate

as you watched my

tears fall gently down.

Mummy loves you

More than you will

Ever know.


Mummy thanks you

For being a little fighter

For Guiding mummy

To make the right decisions

For showing mummy

How to have courage.

Thank you for being

My little girl.


Happy 4th Birthday Sweet child.

Till we see each other again.

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