I’ll see you again, my Micheline

This poem was written in November 2009 after I lost my first child.  At the time I didn’t know what the road ahead of was going to be like.  But thanks to my Micheline, i became closer to God.  Interestingly Micheline means ‘close to God’.  Hence the name was chosen.  Born 5.11.2009

I’ll see you again, my Micheline
the now clear silver lining flowing rapidly
downhill: a reminder of how life
has moved forward;
with old and new wounds,
a year on I remember
you inside my womb:
the uniqueness of you.
The wind breezes through the chilly November air,
the misty water stains
as a lighted candle continues to glow
even with the wetness, and the strong
November breeze, not dying you away:
a sign of living hope, a reminder
of your loving presence
inside me,
your protection
forever I will remember
the pleasantness of being
your mum.
Innards of sprinkling cold water,
holding me together,
warming the insides of my womb,
a wish,a safety net:
a longing, an obsession?
Of longing to hold you,
of a longing for you to be here,
in my arms:
for you are my Child of hope;
I’ll see you again, my Micheline;
I’ll see you again, my Micheline.

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