God’s Beauty

This poem was written on 18 December 2014, about 2.5 months after my son died.  I tried to picture what God would be saying to me through nature.  I guess in the moment that i wrote this poem i felt God’s peace upon me, and i could temporarily rest from my chaotic life of grief.  I cherished moments where the grief wasn’t all consuming.  Where i could just sit and breathe and enjoy being in the presence of God.


I am the soft breeze that makes

Your hair quietly fly as you

Walk underneath the trees.

I am the leaves that fall and swirl

Around your feet.

I am the water that hugs your body

As you stand and look beyond

The horizon.

Look in the sky and you will see

Stars glimmering in the darkness.

That is your hope that I give to you

When a rainbow comes

I watch you gentle

And you wish upon a

Rainbow, that rainbow.

A smile forms on your lips

And you know a message

Has been whispered

Across the meadows of sunflowers.

I am the hills you trod

As you trek through

This journey

Of darkness but in the night

And day –

There is light, a candle

Flickering as the birds

Circle above.

And I am your saving grace.

I am your night and day.

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