Peace and Joy

Do I have peace and joy today?

On a changeable day, I ponder and wonder
At how marvellous You are
Never forsaking, always there, full of grace

But angst and turmoil seem my daily battle
Not much peace and joy to be found
Within me today, why Lord, why?

I cry out to my Lord and saviour
I need You every hour
Most gracious Lord
Your voice so tender
Bless me my saviour
I come seeking elusive peace
I come seeking elusive joy

Stay near me, stay near me Lord
Don’t leave me, I need you
I walk and pray, I see the rain fall
This is your peace falling on me
I hear his voice:

My child my peace I give you
Not as the world gives, give I to you
I will not forsake you
I love you Hannah
In my presence is the fullness of
The joy you seek
Be with Me, the peace giver
Learn from Me, the joy giver

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