What if God isn’t Real? Or is he real?

Say, what if God isn’t real?
And what if he is real?
If God isn’t real then life would be meaningless?
Surely…  Probable! No? Possibly? Yes?
If God didn’t create this masterpiece
Who would create this
Wonderful masterpiece displayed before our eyes?
How would we learn about care and love?

Say what if God isn’t real?
Where do we come from?
We could be descendants from apes, surely?
Or from fish, or we could be aliens.
What is our purpose in this life?

When death would be upon us
We would perish – no eternity
No hope, no grace, no love
Just darkness
A meaningless existence
That makes no sense
We would have to define life
Morals and principles
What is just and what is wrong

People are redefining life
Pretence is a real enemy
New social norms
New world values
Makes no logical sense
Causing disillusion
Brokenness, pain,
Bewilderment, hopelessness
Confusion, running scared
Running wild, dysfunction everywhere
Without hope where would life be?

So, what if God is real?
Would God understand why you doubt?
Why you fear?
Would he call his child and say
Run to me, come to me, I love you?

If God is real, life would make sense
We would experience abundant blessings
Forgiveness would flow freely
God’s love would be our assurance
With hope faith abides
Darkness would just be a spec
Light would be infinitely more
Grace would abound

Say, if God is real or not real? Either way
Would you dare to live by faith?
Just in case there is eternity after all.

Live by faith

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