Pain has no Mercy

When I was 17 I had three slipped disks in my lower back and could barely sleep at night because of the pain. I remember it getting so bad one day that I just prayed to God for one good night’s sleep. I wrote it on a paper and put it in my prayer box. God answered my prayer for a peaceful night’s sleep. But the pain was relentless. For a long time I couldn’t walk properly and sometimes had to use a stick. Now I am almost fully healed. With the occasional back pain when I do a wrong movement.

My face pale – months of pain has left its creases
on the hollow features of grayness appearing.
Pain has no mercy not today, not when I sleep…

…pain enjoys to haunt me – seemingly laughing at the
youngester in me that has dealt with dull sharp aching pain.
I fugitively hope it’ll disappear within time…it must.
It shan’t linger on and on into the paleness fading away
of this pain-stricken creature that grows
still with every passing moment as
the pain bolts like the flash of lightening
through the body –
giggling behind its hands.

He draws attention to the faces glaring into mine –
“Oh pain” I shout “go away, i’ve had enough
with your daunting tricks!”
Colour drains out – like a spiral of hot water flowing down
the bath tub.

Nights are restless –
pain screeches in all my sides
the day wakes up with a painful leap
out of bed…
continuation of the pain –
some days it improves other days it
stays ignorant:
that Pain has no Mercy!

Pain has no Mercy crawls with me to bed –
and leaps out of bed with me –
holding my hand as if we were best mates!
Ha! I disagree –
this pain “disappear before i wrench myself
away from you horrid thing.”

Pain has no Mercy
no mercy for the pain he is causing.
Causing the dint in her face – the pain,
the pale, tired look of worry, agony.
Pain has no Mercy.
“Go away pain – before i yell into
the looming distance!”


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