The Interior

From a distant memory… 

I sit behind a magnifying glass
Staring into an endless sea of haunted faces
Puzzled by the confused look of agonising pain
That crosses their eyes momentarily.

My thoughts wander, question how peace
Seems to elude the moonlit faces, where
Inner thoughts are not voiced, silenced
In a silent scream of interruption

My eyes weave in and out twisting through
The branching debris of hurt induced …
But induced by what?

Where has time gone?
Time stands still
Haunted by the haunted faces
I contemplate
My existence:
I want to be free.
I want to have peace.
I do not want to be trapped…

That much I know, and so I meander
My way out of branching tentacles
Into the sun, knowing
I am free in the safety of
Jesus’s arms.


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