Dear Life-Partner (11)

Dear Life-Partner,

When I look at the very first letter I wrote to you, I was looking to the horizons. Excited about the future. Excited about moving to Berlin, Germany. I guess just looking forward to a completely new adventure. Only to find out I feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life. And I realise, its wrong to think like that. Berlin may have been challenging. But it has had its good moments for me. And though the good moments may have been fleeting, it is these moments that made my stay worthwhile. I am also looking at the not so-good moments and trying to see what I can learn from it. There is always a lesson to learn in something.

Today, is my last full day in Berlin. I can probably jump for joy, skip down the road with excitement! But I will refrain from doing so in case I cause offence to someone.  I always seem to be leading a hectic life the days prior to leaving a country. So in a way, I will be glad when the chaotic hectic life I am leading will dwindle. I will meander my way to Ireland. Next week I will be visiting my younger (little) brother and he’ll take me out for lunch! Ha! What a nice brother I have. Honestly, I always feel like a princess when he takes me out. I will also visit my best friend.

I had lunch with a wonderful lady last Monday, and we laughed a lot. Its like when we are together we become like two teenagers. She could be my grandmother, though! I love hanging out with her. We have had many wonderful moments together, and received lots of wonderful advice from her.

I wrote a poem for the family that I live with. Then I translated it into German and got someone to correct it. They haven’t seen the poem yet, so I am eager to see what the reaction will be like. Especially now that they are not expecting it in German!

I am wondering what the future holds for me. I am looking forward to embarking on the next stage of my journey in Ireland. And looking forward to see many wonderful scenes. I don’t want to move anymore. I am praying that Ireland will be the place where God wants me to settle. I am tired of moving. So, I think I will make it my home base for longer than 7 months! If the Lord tarries.

Anyways I better crack on with the day, as there is a heap to do before tomorrow 8 am. Wow can’t believe the day has finally arrived..

Know that I am praying for you wherever you are, and I look forward to meeting you.


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