Abba – Father’s Love

As I reflect on the last week I think, wow what a week it has been just being in the presence of Abba – Father. Learning all about his love for us. About how he desires us to be in relationship with him, and it inspires me. Just learning about Abba’s love, made me realise how infectious/contagious his love is for us.  This is what I realise: I want more of Abba’s love in my life. I want to be plugged into his love. I do not want to be unplugged from his love. I desire to delve deeper and deeper into his love. I want to be my Father’s daughter. I want to be his little girl, and I want this constant stream of love. Because you know what – it is just amazing. Absolutely amazing, and such a huge blessing to my life.

It brings great peace to my heart, and reassurance that it is well with my soul. It is a nice feeling knowing how loved I am, how much Father loves me, how many of my Christian brothers and sisters love me. How my spiritual family loves me.  I am so unbelievably thankful to Jeff for that revelation, for showing me what an amazing Father in heaven we have.  And that we are not sinners in Father’s eyes but little lost children. All my life I have believed that I was a sinner, that I am not worthy of love. But the revelation of Father’s love has opened my eyes, and given my spirit hope. That there is hope in the world, and that love can win.  That love can open the eyes of so many people, and give people so much peace – if we are open to it. If we are open to receiving Father’s love.

What I do not understand is how so many churches miss this fundamental piece of information, how so many churches do not preach on Father’s love. How so many churches just talk about you must obey the Lord. Oh no you can’t do that. And judge you and condemn you. No, we as Christians should spread this love to the nations and show them what a wonderful Father we have in heaven. There should be no division between Christians. We need to start loving each other, and we need to stop believing the lies of the enemy. We need to start believing our self-worth in Father.

Thank you Jeff – for an amazing week, for showing me Father’s love. For opening my eyes to such a wonderful revelation, and boy this ministry transforms lives, and gives hope to so many lost children, to so many people who are broken, and I want to be a part of this. I want to bring that hope to people, the way you have given me hope, and comforted me and shown me Father’s love. I want to be a living example of the love that Father has for me. I want it to radiate from me to the world. I want to spread this love to the world, and I want to bring hope to so many people, and show them the light where they only see darkness. Thank you.

I am so unbelievably blessed and loved. I am loved. I am the daughter of a king. I am loved. Yes, I am loved. Thank you Father for your love for me. Thank you for bringing these amazing people into my life who just radiate the love of Father to me. Thank you. I used to be afraid of love, but I think I would rather take this risk of being loved than missing out on the most basic human need: LOVE. I will take this risk. Hallelujah.

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