Tsunami of Love

Father is love, has always been love from the very beginning
Though I did not know, Father loved me,
Yes, he loves me still and forevermore
Every pore in my body screamed, I do not deserve this love
I am afraid to be loved, my walls are high
No-one can break them, or can they?
Why does the love I experienced hurt so much?

Slowly, with time and persistence
The walls started crumbling around me and
The soldiers of protection in me
Started shutting their eyes
To my wounded spirit,
Commenced with hammers
To break down this sturdy wall of hurt
That was built around my wounded heart

Through this crack in the wall
The voice of my Father came
As sweet as the sound of angels singing
Calling out my name, Hannah, I am here
And I love you just the same
Don’t be afraid my child, let your guard down
Come to me my child, lay in the comfort of my arms
You will be comforted, my rivers of love
Will flow through your vessels
So that you can be complete by my love

The innocence of Father’s love
Healed my weary soul
Showing me to a place of sweet rest
His love so secure and so pure
Is where I want to be
Radiating it for the world to see
Father is in me, and he loves me
Just the way I am
With all my faults, I am his
And he dwells within me
He wants me

Father calls my name
Hannah, sweet child let go,
Let me in, don’t be afraid
Of love vaster than the blue oceans
Deeper than the trenches of endless hurt
Let love flow
I learn to accept myself
I am free
I am my Father’s daughter.

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