In the Dark, Keep Turning the Light Up

One stupid decision and your life’s passage can alter radically. A split second, and suddenly you realize how brittle life can be.  How life latches onto this invisible thread between life and death, between light and darkness, between evil and good. In that moment you realize your vulnerability, the realization that pure evil can walk alongside you.  It is this constant battle between the flesh’s desires and what your soul desires. Life is a challenge. Life is difficult. Is this thing called life worth living when you hear so much daily about your own vulnerability towards evil, towards sin?

Today I question where is God? Why can’t He stop all this evil in the world?  What is happening to the world around me?  Why is there so much evil?  Why did God give us free-will when He knew that it would result into complete chaos? How can we change the course of our life and make sure that we don’t walk alongside evil, but allow the goodness of the Lord, of the Holy Spirit to infiltrate our very existence?  How can we make sure that we do not fall into the enemy’s trap and make sure that we walk alongside the Lord, and onto the righteous path?  How can God allow His own people to commit violent acts of crime?  How can God allow people to commit such horrible acts against humanity and not stop it?  How can we overcome this evil and do what is good and pure?  What is the point in this thing called life?

I am just as much of a sinner as the person next to me. If I can think badly of someone than that makes me not a nice person.  The bible teaches us to love our enemies as ourselves, to treat people with the respect and love that they deserve.  The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.  Psalm 34.10.  My hope is in the Lord.  I am a woman slaved to sin, but saved by the grace of God.

How am I saved by the grace of God? I am saved, because I am open to listening to the Holy Spirit, I am open to hear God’s voice, to seek God’s presence, to have that personal relationship with God.  And in doing so, I heighten my senses of the evil around me, and I can go into battle by prayer, and I can seek the Lord with confidence, that He will see me through whatever battle that I face.

I am scared of my own vulnerability to evil, to sin, and today I realize I do not want to sin, I want to walk alongside my Father.  I want to be near Him, and do what is good and not evil.  I want to seek His presence.  In His presence I know that I am whole.  I know that I can be who He wants me to be.  The loving compassionate woman of God he created me to be.  Seek the Lord. Seek His presence.  Open that communication channel to create that personal relationship.  Do not be afraid to seek Him.  But be aware of the danger that lurks around you for the enemy prowls and is ready to destroy.  Keep your helmet of salvation on and be prepared to fight the evil forces around you.  Do good and be blessed.

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