Hannah’s Faith Journey

I thought I became a Christian when I was 15, but it was only later in my Christian journey that I realised what it meant to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. When I was 15 I started attending church regularly, and I believed in God, but didn’t develop that personal relationship with Him till I went to university where I started to realise the importance of having that relationship.
Only when I was 23 and already married did my faith get tested. Due to domestic violence and abuse, I had to leave my husband and went to live in a women’s shelter. It was in that moment where it dawned on me that the only person that I can really depend on in this life is God; that God is the one who will provide for my every need, and comfort me in my deepest trials.
The women’s shelter was the place where my prayer life got activated, and where it became an important part of my day to day life. The shelter was also where I found out I was pregnant with my son. I prayed daily for protection over my son. 2014 was a year where I witnessed God moving mountains in my life, where I truly saw the power of God, and how He brings people in our lives that can impact us each in a different way, and how the Holy Spirit leads people to pray for us.
When I went home to my parents so that I could have my son, I prayed to the Lord for the best possible Father for my son. My faith got severely tested when I went into hospital in labour only to be told that my son had died. It was in that moment that God was testing to see how I would react in turmoil. Would I turn my back on Him, or would I place my trust in Him? I remember placing my trust in the Lord and praising the Lord despite just hearing that my son had died. Of course, there were moments where I became bitter, and angry. But I always remember praying to the Lord, and surrendering every aspect of my life to the Lord, so that I could be free. This sometimes had to occur moment to moment, day to day, just so that I could experience the peace of the Lord.
It was a long journey of healing. It was commitment and discipline that kept me going.

Prayer life became important, and I would crave to have that time with God. I noticed that if I didn’t spend much devotional time with the Lord that the day would almost certainly go pear-shaped. So, I learnt to place my trust in the Lord, and realised that I cannot rely on God in just the emergency situations in my life, but that I have to rely on God all the time. God loves it when I draw near to Him, and seek His presence. He loves it when I come to Him, and share what is on my heart, and that has fast become my favourite part of the day, when I can sit in silence and talk with the Lord, and share what is on my heart.
God teaches us not to be ashamed of our faith, and gives us the courage and strength to testify about His goodness to the world. In the months after I had published my book I was able to go on a journey to testify about God’s saving grace in my life, and was able to help many people come to the Lord and have a more personal relationship with Him than what they had previously. I was able to show them that despite the trials and tribulations in life that God is always there for them. He is the greatest comforter of all. I have a standing invitation to go and share and talk about God’s grace in our lives for a ministry called ‘Precious Women’.
I believe that going on this 3.5-month trip where I helped to spread the gospel across Europe was a huge privilege for me, as I was able to see God move mountains in other people’s lives, and I was able to play a small part in their story, towards finding healing in the cross. It made me realise that I want to dedicate my life to serving the Lord, and to be able to show people that there is power and restoration in the cross. My faith matured greatly during those months. And I believe it was beneficial not just for me, but for many other people I have met.

I am not ashamed of what I believe. I believe that the Lord wants me to have the courage to testify, and to serve Him during these tremulous times. “The Lord is good, and He can turn all things for the glory of His kingdom. We know that in all things (even grief) God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8.28 The Bible teaches us to go out and spread the gospel, to share the good news, and that is what I want to do. I want to be a lamp in the darkness. I want to help bring people to Christ, and for them to develop that personal relationship with God.

I want them to experience God’s grace in the same way that I was able to experience that. “Don’t forget to be doing good and sharing for with such sacrifices God is well
pleased.” Hebrews 18.16

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