Jesus’s Feet (John 13.1-17)

Based on John 13.1-17

Feet that walk dirt roads many long miles
Over and beyond the distant rolling hills
Of ups and downs, desperate cries heard
Across the night in the midst of hysteria

Gospels spread
Salvation given freely
Unconditional love
Forgiveness came

Walking on rough cold hard surfaces,
On soft green grass
Through water and sand
Serving many thousands of people
Giving hope where there is no hope

Jesus’s feet that spilt blood
Because we turned away from him
Yet He came to save us
He’s the one that paid the price

These feet paved the way
Feet that ruled all the earth
His feet became my feet

Jesus came to save
Salvation is here
My feet will carry on His work
As I find myself walking
On the righteous path
That God has set before me.

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