Lord, Give Me Humility and Courage

“Too often we stay silent about His saving action in our own histories. We might think that keeping quiet about such things is modesty, but its effect is the opposite. It allows others to believe that we have overcome our problems and lived our lives on our own strength… Lord, give me humility and the courage I need to begin to testify to others about Your goodness towards me.”  Tim Keller


Often silence is an easy answer to not offend others

when it comes to following Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.

But I question, is being silent an answer?

To all the blessings that our Lord gives us daily?

Should we not boast about what the Lord does for us?

Or are we too ashamed to talk about what the Lord does for us?


I see with my own eyes countless people being

quiet, afraid to really tell the world what

the Lord has done for them.  Hiding away from

the task at hand of spreading the good news

to the world.  The gospel.

Shamed to silence.  Should this not be changed?

Shamed to silence because most are afraid

to be persecuted, to be judged, even

by fellow Christians.


I will lift up my hands and say I will follow Jesus

I will no longer be ashamed of sharing

my faith with the world.

Lord give me the humility and the courage

to begin to testify to others about

your goodness towards me.

Lord give me the wisdom not to judge others

and to encourage others, and support them

when their need is great.


It is wrong and a big injustice to

hide what the Lord has done

when the the Lord has gifted you with gifts

to be able to share His goodness

to the world.


By being silent it allows others to believe

that we lived our lives by our own strength.

But it is not so.  Certainly not for me.

The Lord carried me through a thick

marshland of grief, and I am proud to say

that without a doubt, without His presence

I would not be where I am today.


I am thankful to the Lord for his saving act

On my life, when my world turned pear-shaped.

The Lord has saved me countless times.

He loves me.

He does not forsake me.

He looks after me when I am weak

He is my strength

and I will follow Him all of my days

and share with the world

His goodness and

His faithfulness.


2 thoughts on “Lord, Give Me Humility and Courage

  1. Amen!. I love Tim Keller, his teachings. My story and God’s faithfulness; At 3 I lost my mom, was sexually abused by a step uncle until the age of 10, verbally, physically abused along the way as well. At 25 I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer 5 days after I had delivered our little girl. I had to have liver resection with no hope of making it through the removal of a 22 centimeter tumor that I had supposedly carried throughout my pregnancy unknowingly. After that, there was chemotherapy……I felt exhausted, weak. But I know God is and has been sovereign throughout. I thank God for His Grace, for His love( even when I have doubted His presence in my life), He has been there….. Present!. Thank you once again for sharing.


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