Second Countdown

Second countdown

Time merging into

Past and present

Present and past

Future and present

Present and future


Twenty-three months of

needless pain

pain and more needless pain;

feeling empty








What is my role?

a mum? gone

into the sinking sands.

Feeling like a nobody.


The storms of life


Cliffs hard scratchy surfaces

Gone my son is: with the sands

Left i am

to pick up the

shreds of a broken life

of my broken soul


One month to go

and another year has turned

into  a year of nothingness

but battling the feelings

of inadequacy

of being a failed mum


my life

gone to shreds

hope left

hope comes back

but in flickers

as the wind

blows my hair askew

and endless carpets

of tears roll

into the gray skies


life has become an

endless circle of grief

as i battle the tears

that threaten to erupt

like a volcano

of deep hues of blue






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