Crowded and Lonely

 I wrote this poem about 8 years ago. Though its boiling hot in the summer. I feel crowded and lonely all at once. I feel like i am looking through the looking glass and merely a bystander rather than a participant. But i am both: crowded and lonely. Crowded by family. Lonely cause it’s as if no-one understands me or hears my anxiety and sees my dilemma…

In the middle, thousands of people stand tall

in the town square –

and there in the crowd –

a figure emerges, lonely and crowded

all at once.


Lost in her own world of:

simple darkness,

scared, sad, angry,

lonely and crowded

all at once.


The cold snaps her awake

from her thoughtful world.

People stand and watch,

laugher, and chatter weave in

and out of her

like water

in the mist of

tiny water vapour vanishing

into thin air…


not known but the stillness

stays on

as the hills roll on gently in

the silent dark distance.


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