Cries from a Broken Soul

A war of emotions

explodes through my very being

that only the tips of my fingers

know how to convey

at liberty without bounds to its

personal dungeon.


Moods like weather pass

through the tips of my fingers

expressing every undented

quagmire of emotion

that sink deep into the sands

of human anguish.


Cushioned against each other

rapidly the emotions

rush like a gushing waterfall –

get written into a timeless time

forever marked in history,

never to be forgotten.


Freeing my soul of

this sagging weariness

light  through the

thick cotton clouds

and hope is seen

in the hollowness of

empty broken trees.


My anchor in God keeps

my boat from tipping over

to crisis point.  Peace there is.

Peace comes.

God is only a shout away, and

He’s there, cloaks you with

His everlasting love.


Now I know how to smile.

In a timeless time

of deep raw human emotion.

It is well.  All is well.


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