El Shaddai, O Adonai

El Shaddai, o El Shaddai hear my cry!

Take away my turmoil,

take away my doubt,

Cleanse me from the inside out!!

Help me O Lord to see clarity in the storm


El Shaddai, O Adonai hear my cry.

Lead me out of the deep, deep valley

Of darkness into your glorious

Light of hope

Be my light, be my salvation.


El Shaddai, O Adonai

Guide me onto your righteous path

Take away my inner turmoil of







Root of bitterness

This empty void of non-existance

Help me adonai to seek your presence.

Help me to find your peace.


Fill the missing piece of my heart

With your love O El Shaddai

O please hear my cry

I need you.

Let peace soar on wings like eagles

Whisper gently, love me gentle

Till this empty void has

Vanished into the thickness of your love.

Hallelujah Lord. Hallelujah.

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